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Our straps are included Flat Sewn in buckles as a standard and you have the choice of brushed or matte finishing with no extra charges. For Flat Sewn in PVD buckles and Pre-V Screw in buckles please add $5 to the order.

Once you decided which straps you want to purchase, please select your buckles style and the size to match your straps. These are the buckles we have available at the moment :


Pre-V Screw-in, Brushed (24, 26mm)     Flat Sewn in, Brushed (24, 26mm)


Pre-V Screw in, Polished (22, 24, 26mm)   Flat Sewn in, Matte (24, 26mm)


Pre-V Screw in, Matte (24 mm)          Flat Sewn in, PVD (24, 26 mm)


Pre-V Screw in, Torched (22, 24, 26 mm)


Wire, Nickle Torched (22, 24, 26 mm)      Wire, Nickle Plated (22, 24, 26 mm)


Wire, Brass Plated (22, 24, 26 mm)      Wire, Brass Torched (22, 24, 26 mm)

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   Contact : somchaih02@gmail.com 

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