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Our straps are entirely hand stitched. The double needle stitch or saddler's stitch we use is a method of stitching that saddle makers have been employing for generations for its unrivalled strength and durability. Because, the double needle secures the pieces of leather together with two completely independent series of stitches.

There are four common stitching patterns we use to make our straps: closed stitching, open stitching, open stitching (with knot), minimal stitching, So, please drop us an email to specify the stitching pattern you would like us to build your beloved straps.

4 Stitching


We are using both nylon and waxed linen thread to make our straps. However, we preferred to use linen thread because, it gives a nice vintage looks and feels on the straps. These are some of the color we have available at the moment.

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